Metaethical Accessories: advice model wrist band

On some metaethical views, normative questions about what an agent should do turn on features of some fully rational counterpart of that agent. An important distinction among such views, credited to Peter Railton and Michael Smith, is the difference between the “example model” versions of such views and the “advice model” versions. Rather than positing, as the example model does, that normative facts about an agent turn on how their fully rational self would behave in similar situations, the advice model posits that the normative facts about an on an agent turn on how they would, were they fully rational, prefer that they behave in their actual circumstances.

In the spirit of these views, I present a wristband that asks: “What would my fully rational self want me to do in my actual circumstances?”

I ordered 10 of these initially, all of which have been distributed. I could order more if there is sufficient interest in another batch.

4 Responses to Metaethical Accessories: advice model wrist band

  1. Josh May says:

    Nice! So where can you order such custom bracelets?

  2. Lewis Powell says:

    I ordered these from Reminder Bands dot com. There are probably a lot of places online to order custom wristbands like this, and I didn't have any particular reason for going with that one.

  3. Susan says:

    I know this was posted long ago, but…where can I get one of these? I sooooo want one!!

  4. Lewis Powell says:

    I have a bunch right now. They are dark green ("sunset sage") or light blue.

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